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作者: kingkar001    時間: 2017-8-23 09:55     標題: What can I do when catalytic converter get carbon deposit

What can I do when catalytic converter get carbon deposit?
Why Catalytic Converter Get Carbon Deposits?
Catalytic converter is made of ceramic discs with multiple mesh size 0.2 mm,What can I do when catalytic converter get carbon deposit, which are trimmed in steel casing and insulated with heat-resistant wool. The passing exhaust gases through the ceramic discs (pre-coated with a thin layer of precious metal) make a chemical reaction induced by the high temperature and thereby start the oxidation reaction of CO – carbon monoxide, HC – hydrocarbons and NO – nitric oxide. Once the molecule and the oxygen undergone, the harmful elements are converted into CO2 – carbon dioxide, N2- nitrogen and H2O – water.
Two options for dealing with the problem?
Once you are sure that the catalyst is blocked or damaged, you have two options for dealing with the problem:
One: Remove the catalytic converter or replace it with a new one. But buying a catalytic converter price is not cheap.
Two: Cleaning the catalyst with newest HHO carbon cleaning technology
What is The Advantages of HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine?
HHO carbon cleaner 6.0” costing significantly less than the removal or replacement with a new one and all without disassembling!
HHO Carbon Clean Machine is the pioneer of oxyhydrogen energy application and has the most advanced technology in the world. 14years research, it has 10 safety guarantee system: anti-fire system, water level sensor system, radiator system,6 Ways to Save Money for Motorists, anti-corrosion system, antistatic and conductive system, vibration sensor system, pressure measurement system, electromagnetic system, pressure relieving system, constant temperature system. The ten safety guarantee system ensure in the round security. Up till now, accidents control as zero accidents.
Due to the shortage and urgent requirement of energy conservation, each country is currently promoting the green energy-saving. “Going Green” is no longer just a slogan, but a lifestyle trend. HHO Carbon Clean Machine is born at the right moment. HHO Carbon Clean Machine uses water as fuel to removal carbon deposit to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.
Easily use:
HHO Carbon Cleaner adopts easy design and provides foolproof instructions to the new users. You just do nothing and wait for nearly 20 minutes, engine carbon cleaning is done. The fool type operation is simple and there is no chance of error.
Kingkar engine clean machine also can remove other 9 parts carbon deposit. More details please look forward to the next article!
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