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hho generator

1.No longer need to use dangerous and expensive hydrogen cylinders.
2. High purity hydrogen (99.999%~99.9999%), stable output flow, safe and convenient to operate, various alarm devices (overpressure alarm, water shortage alarm, water accumulated alarm).
3.Easy to operate, safe and reliable, generating hydrogen through electrolyzing pure water, switching power on to produce gas(available for several sets of gas chromatography).
4. High electrolysis efficiency. Gas purity and output flow will stay regular under continual use.
5. High reliability, easy to maintain.
6. No corrosion and pollution.
1. Cutting metals by oxygen flame
2. Gas welding and flame spray painting
3. Thermal processing of jewelry, especially good for platinum as oxy-hydrogen flame contains no carbon
4. Fine cutting, fusion, repair and local thermal processing of delicate metal parts.
5. Direct fusion of fine copper wire and enameled wire
6. Removals of carbon deposit in the combustion chamber of internal combustion engine such as cars
7. LED chip integration
8. The thermal processing of glass and quartz glass
9. Surface polishing of organic glass
10. Computer wire peeling
11. Burn with other fuels together for boilers, cooking stoves, melting metals.
What is the oxyhydrogen generator for boiler?
Oxy-hydrogen gas Generator is Energy Saving and no pollution product,Did You Hear the Moans and Cries of Your Car.
It consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into H2 and O2,
we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing acetylene or natural
gas or other fuel.
HHO generator applied in boiler will help the boiler make complete
combustion, and increase fuel efficiency between 10% to 30%, reducing
emission minimum by 60%.
Do you want to know more? Follow me!
what kind of technology can change water into fire?
1. The principle is based on the theory of electrolysis.
2. To electrolyze water into pure hydrogen and oxygen.
3. Oxy-hydrogen helps boiler complete combustion,The exhaust of the vehicle has a fatal hazard to mankind, which is economical,
reliable, safe and environmental
What is the Advantages of our oxyhydrogen generator?
Low Cost & Maximum Economy
Oxy hydrogen gas is generated only using electricity and pure water.
The cost of electricity and water reduces more than 40% compared with LPG,
Propane, and Acetylene fuel.
Both economical and practical. Energy Saving more than 30% compared
with traditional LPG, Propane, and Acetylene fuel.
High Temperature & high-energy
Oxy-hydrogen flame is straight, little heat loss and high efficiency.
The heat of 1kg hydrogen is 34000Kcal, triple gasoline. Hydroxide flame’s
temperature is up to 2800 degrees, which is higher than conventional liquid gas.
What’s more, the temperature is adjustable.
Maximum Safety
hho Gas is light and dissipates rapidly into the atmosphere compared to
acetylene, which is dense and seeks ground level.
Multiple safety devices, including overheating and in-sufficient water
cut-off switches, will automatically turn off power to ensure the safety
of both equipment and user.
A Healthier Working Environment
0 toxic fumes and 0 emissions of carbon based emissions.
Environmentally Friendly
hho Gas produces zero pollution when burning, while hydrocarbon-based
fuel gases pollute the environment.
Why we use oxyhydrogen generator for boiler?
HHO generator applied in boiler will help the boiler make complete combustion,
and increase fuel efficiency between 10% to 30%, reducing emission
minimum by 60%.
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