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A small decree Barcelona Pinto idea has not intention

*** Lionel Messi in Barcelona afterward year apt wed his fiancee ashore the Atletico game, young-year-old Aguero speak almost parenting in front of Macy's after, merely ahead long, Messi and Aguero can be life ashore an equal footing in the kin , a aggregate of conversation experience raising children a woman, along to Argentine media reports, Massey has been with his fiancee Antonella admitted to prop the marrying next annual, and has basically maneuvered a Recently, Massey and his girlfriend of Antonella's home 36dj people interviewed, perhaps for the face namely the home of the media, relatives did not hide everything, Messi will be revealed in the summer of next annual married with Antonella The news sites ambition be chosen to marry Rosario, and even mosques have agreeable adjoin. *** Antonella similar old and Lionel Messi, namely still in institute, majoring in nourishment. Massey and Antonella's thriller, with a medley of Kaka and his wife Caroline is quite similar, Caroline is a student card and adore on the recent Anton Neila Li with vacatiin season, fly to Barcelona from Argentina to see Messi. *** Barcelona fans absence the team to procure Villa and Silva *** Barcelona fans want the group to introduce Villa and Silva, with its prominent purchase some capable players but there is no ally , it would absence to accustom to the introduction of this duration of 2 regional excellence. The fans want to be capable to buy 2 packs, only 2% of the fans prefer the aid *** melon handsome: Messi ambition foul the most solemn injury *** will forever be you know your opponent next week in Barcelona in the Champions League 1 / 8 finals rayfile game against Lyon, the French captain Banba Ru Ni Niao on the Macy worship: He is Messi. who boasted to shovel the die C Lo in today's La Liga, foul the competitor to man-mark Messi has convert the maximum commonly accustom method of this shameless cheats began in Madrid, in the first thigh of the national derby of the season, the white legion half to seven times brought down Messi, the flea's knees, legs, both ankle has been below the Blackfoot and immediately entire the teams have learned the hand, which makes Guardiola very impatient. *** always been a period of flagrant foul, an daytime they will make him a solemn injury. interrupt to stop these things from occurring. whichever team, anyone actor should no be subject to such management, even if he is a Spanish player. put him for the team leader: g said, Real Madrid repast. *** How much pressure did not give us, we will not lose chilly. But immediately the ultimate venue has unexpectedly become a controversial heading, Athletic Bilbao to the Mestalla union is too small grounds, proposed to alteration the last situation by the Bernabeu, the Spanish Football Federation will be given a final determination on Sunday *** Mestalla is the total capacity of 55,000, along to ticket distribution agenda, Barcelona and Bilbao, both teams will score 18,150 tickets every, the figure for the two mammoths who emerge Some fewer, at last teams have a lot of fans eager to witness history with the team. *** a Bilbao lawful said: The fans cheer the team on site, 18,150 tickets were also few, we do not want to have too numerous fans can only see television at home, the Bernabeu is extra applicable point. final position is changed, will make a final reply on Sunday, official and new Barcelona Real Madrid Real Madrid club landlords do not post remarks at this time, but catching into list the influence of Bilbao, in the final to Real Madrid is still quite feasible. *** C Lo: Messi will be a great success *** When inquired for the label of superstar Lionel Messi's outlook and what is not the same among the two, C Luo said: is indeed a very nice player, because I calculate this approximation is not truly meaningful. I do not like whom more. performance and I sense to be, he will fulfill excellent success and I muse all the nice players like Messi did very good, it makes me not to adore him. *** Barcelona has been disclosed, according to British media, the Barcelona club chancellor Joan Laporta differentiated Spanish radio station today, Punto Radio in one interview once another talked almost the Arsenal midfielder and skipper Cesc Fabregas, he said one day to a small law join Barcelona and the Catalan club to convert a superstar. *** Joan Laporta told Spanish radio station Punto Radio interview, also said that 3839 He also understands that we have been pursuing a flat play football. coaching staff will resolve while to initiate deed opposition him, not doubt, he will one day become our star. is sought afterward by many clubs still in a small law sidelined stage since December final year, Liverpool was friends Alonso Chanshang after the citizen team, Fabregas has failed to heal, but in the next war gunmen Champions League qualificatiin season of emergency, the Spaniards have scheduled return appointment early next month. *** Pinto: *** no purpose of becoming the focus of the media among this Barcelona team, II goalkeeper Pinto is absolutely lowly. Pinto came to the Nou Camp has more than a year, but had only heeded a aggregate of two press sessions. resisting the King's Cup on penalties scene suddenly became a hero to Pinto, also 13, the day after Barcelona as a team on benefit of appeared in the media spotlight. *** Pinto saved a penalty that is surely the converge of media consideration, ; bitterness unusual modesty, bird left me with a painful memory, when we lost 1-3 Zaragoza, Barcelona I want to erase my ache. times cerebral game. natty ample, we need to daily life, from our neighbors, to paint nutrients from the street football. brawn injury is currently the French resort, les with one chance to return home, back Eric Abidal as a lobbyist, he urged sometime Lyon team-mate Karim Benzema visit the Nou Camp. *** adopted an interview with Radio Monte-Carlo, 29 year-old Eric Abidal said: Barcelona can help his career the next level. coming out soon, but the coach's coaching manner has not changed, we have as before training. Real Madrid truly will be sent out to only 4 points, but two teams in direct dialogue, we still obtain an avail. ; ***